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We value our patients' experience at the Shaw Chiropractic Group. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view

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Dr. Gerald Shaw

Steve D.

1- What brought you to this office?

Physical pain in my neck, back and waist are what brought me to Dr. Shaw. Along with the physical soreness I often experienced irritability, loss of concentration, and a reduced energy level.

2- What results have you had through chiropractic care?

Each time Dr. Shaw has given me an adjustment I nearly immediately am out of pain and the mood that accompanies it. If it was a dull ache in my neck and numbness in my cheek and scalp -my body returns to its normal state in minutes of the adjustment. If my lower back is inflamed - that heat and swelling subsides. If was ready to jump down somebody's throat- now I don't even blink. 

For me there is a connection between a physical dislocation of my spine and its impact on the nervous system and in turn my moods. When I am in pain I tend to be irritated and pessimistic. In this state I also tend not to want to do the things that are simply normal parts of my day- be it emptying trash, cleaning out cat litter or getting busy with a work project.  When I am in physical pain and or impacted psychology by altered nerve activity in by body my mentally focus is just not there. Having Dr. Shaw adjust my spine   also effects my bodies nervous system and the mental states which are tied into that system functioning in a healthy way.

3- How long before you noticed an improvement under chiropractic care?

I improve right away when Dr. Shaw adjusts by back or neck. In my case the initial injury caused permanent damage so what I am getting   is the best maintenance program possible.

4- What other style of care did you have for these problems? Results?

I have seen orthopedists, neurologists podiatrists , physiatrists affiliated with the top hospitals in New York City. Additionally I have also been to acupuncturists,  a Rolfe, cranial sacral specialists, and chiropractors. Dr. Gerry Shaw is in the best of the best category of chiropractors I have seen.

5- How would you describe your health before you began receiving your adjustments?

Before adjustments I feel listless, irritable, scattered, depressed. there is a reduction in my mental output. I feel like the source of my body's inner working is just felt 'off'.

6- What benefits have you notices since you've begun chiropractic care?  

After an adjustment I naturally focus more, I am flexible and resilient.    I am simply more productive - feel better - more friendly and am less troubled by small things. I am physically out of pain and discomfort. It's like being free from a tooth ache: after an adjustment both source problem and the symptoms are gone.

7- What is it that you hear or read that made you decide to choose this office for chiropractic care?

I had heard that when chiropractors are able to treat a patient's pain immediately and with out proscribing medication. After my initial accident I had tried medical doctors and didn't get a workable diagnosis from any.  In 1987 the damage to my soft tissue didn't show up on an X-ray they didn't have a treatable condition. They could see the shoulder blade was out of place and the arch of a foot had lost its shape but didn't' have practical way to deal with it. Had I started with Chiropractic first I would have saved money, time, and aggravation.

8- Where you skeptical about chiropractic care?

No. However it is important to note that like all people all chiropractors are on the same performance level. 

Dr. Shaw's ability to quickly read the body and act on the source of the problem, intelligence make him an excellent choice.  His price and payment plans are convenient and his office hours are ideal for my work schedule.    

9- Do you recommend chiropractic?



Kaz H.

I began my long patient/doctor relationship with Dr. Shaw in 1984/1985. I was about 14 years old and was diagnosed with mild scoliosis. I have been able to maintain proper posture, decreased lower back pain along with decreased right knee pain, increased clarity, decreased fatigue and increased energy. Normally my clarity and energy improves within 20 minutes, fatigue begins to decline within 1 hour. Lower back pain and right knee pain by one day.

My parents had taken me to M.D.s for their opinions after the initial diagnosis. Surgery was recommended along with wearing a back brace.

If I go for long periods of time without an adjustment I feel terrible, also I experience brain fog and my posture becomes poor.

I have been to many other chiropractors in the past and I have never gottten the same relief.



Steven P.

I came to Dr. Shaw originally to maintain my health. Since becoming his patient I have more energy in general. I had an issue with my leg and it improved 100%. It took only two treatments for my leg until I saw a vast improvement. Previously I had tried acupuncture, but it did not help.

Before I started receiving adjustments from Dr. Shaw I had a tight upper back. After treatments I had less stress.

Since I've begun chiropractic chiropractic care I have noticed my energy level is up and my range of motion concerning my workouts has improved. I chose DEr. Shaw's ofice at first for the nutrition then followed by Chiropractic. I was not skeptical about chiropractic care.

I certainly recommend chiropractic and Dr. Shaw's office to others.



Pamela M.

I came to Dr. Shaw's office for two main reasons. One, I had a misalignment in my right hip and two, my neck is often "out".

I have always had excellent results through chiropractic care.I'd prefer having a chiropractic adjustment so I'm aligned and out of pain. I cannot understand why anyone stays in pain for weeks and months when they could have an adjustment and be free of pain.

I noticed improvement very soon after my adjustment.

I've also used Feldenkrais and yoga with very good results, when I take time to do the exercises and stretch more


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Excellent attention i love it! Thank you!
    Great job."
    Henao E.
  • "Great chiropractic office. Both Dr. Shaw and Dr. Napolitano are amazing at what they do. I've become a regular here and after trying other doctors, this has been the best practice I've experienced. I highly recommend them."
    Matt A.

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